Bobcat Pride Scholarship Fund

Educate Embrace Empower

Our Mission

Our mission is to support LGBTQIA Texas State students, inclusive of all minority sexuality and gender identities, by providing scholarships and financial support in order to promote the retention of an underrepresented community.

Our History

This private fund was founded in 2010 by Texas State alumni and friends as they recognized the progress Texas State has made towards the inclusion of the LGBTQ community yet the lack of resources to support LGBTQIA Bobcats.  This inspired the group to establish a scholarship fund with two goals: 1) to offer an academic achievement scholarship and 2) to offer a leadership development scholarship to LGBTQIA Texas State students.  Bobcat Pride Scholarship Fund® is the first ever, private scholarship dedicated exclusively to supporting LGBTQIA Bobcats. On September 10, 2018, BPSF and ALLIANCE at Texas State merged forming the very first endowed scholarship for LGBTQIA Texas State Students. This merger provided needed support, structure, and resources to our students and community partners. This decision to collaborate enabled the LGBTQIA Endowed Scholarship to reach the full endowment level, guaranteeing scholarship opportunities for Bobcat students indefinitely!

Achievements Since Our Inception:

  • Earned 501(c)(3) status as a federal non-profit organization and started using "nonprofit" since 2011
  • Provided over $70K in student support
  • Funded 55 scholarship and internship opportunities; comprised of over 25 Academic Achievement Scholarships, 8 Leadership Development Scholarships, and 30 emergency stabilization recipients
  • Created hallmark annual fundraising events such as the fall Soireé and Drag Out Funny
  • Developed relationships with donors leading to significant contributions and the creation of the Legacy Circle, inducting members at the Humanitarian and Benefactor levels

Previous Scholarship Opportunities:

The academic achievement scholarship is a way to celebrate the accomplishment of a LGBTQIA Bobcat, recognizing the hard work it takes to maintain a 3.0 or higher GPA.  The leadership development scholarship is a way to promote social justice learning to develop strong student leaders at Texas State.  This scholarship covers the costs of attending the LGBTQIA focused conference, Campus Pride Summer Leadership Camp.  

Our Vision

Through social advocacy, Bobcat Pride Scholarship Fund® aspires to:

  • Support a culturally diverse community
  • Be accessible to all LGBTQIA students, inclusive of all minority sexuality and gender identities
  • Assist scholarship recipients and interns in fulfilling their educational goals
  • Promote leadership development opportunities
  • Support LGBTQIA students during unforeseen financial crises