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BPSF Emergency Stabilization Fund Revitalization!

Our new Board of Directors are excited to announce  the revitalization of BPSF's Jeremy O Torres Emergency Stabilization Fund (JOTESF)!  We know how important it is to support our LGBTQIA+ emerging adults when they face an unexpected crisis.  It is vital to their well-being and/or ability to stay enrolled.  

We are also excited to share that our mission has expanded.  We will continue serving Texas State student and extend this source of support to LGBTQIA+ emerging adults (between the ages of 18 and 24) residing in the greater San Marcos area.

Since its inception the JOTESF has supported over 30 LGBTQIA+ individuals at a time of unexpected need.  Circumstances ranged from medical emergencies, natural disasters, immigration requirements, unexpected work reductions, loss of support from family, and roommate situations negatively impacting rent payment.  We would like to continue this legacy of support.

We are also pleased to share a $5,000 matching gift has been provided to help us meet our goal of raising $10,000 in order to relaunch the JOTESF again.  That means your generous donation will automatically double!  

If you would like to speak with one of our board members to learn more, renew your support or become a donor, please email us and we'll be in touch shortly.

We look forward to reconnecting with the BPSF donor community to make this essential source of support available again.

Our dedicated and talented new Board of Directors are:
Executive Director- Heather Aidala
Operations Director- Stacie McGee
Internal Communication Director- Megan Campbell
Financial Director- Dwain Aidala
Program Director- Alex Mylius

Please stay tuned for fundraising and application details.

Seeking a Marketing Director

Are you willing to donate your time and talents to help get the word out about BPSF?  We are in need of a Marketing Director to help us get in touch with donors and applicants.  Please email us at for more information.